Charting Your Course to Success!

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I will help chart your course to career success!

Whether you are a seasoned executive with many years of professional success, a recent graduate with your career in front of you, or any point in between, I will map out a strategy that will navigate your transition towards the career you want.

I will look at your overall skill set and personality makeup, your accomplishments that have made you particularly proud and your vision for long term success. I will provide you the compass that will guide you on the right course with the tools that will get you there faster and more efficiently, overcoming many of the obstacles that have been holding you back.

I will work with you to:

Develop a true understanding of what you want to do next.
Map out the targeted industries and positions your are seeking.
Become comfortable with your marketing pitch…and the best answer to “What do you do?”
Produce a compelling resume that lands at the top of the pile!
Write letters and emails that get you in front of the right people.
Give you the interview preparation that will make you stand out among your competition, using the 25 years of executive search experience that I have, knowing what hiring managers really look for!
Negotiate a compensation package that rewards you for your expertise.