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24Nov 2014
Nov 24, 2014

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

compass-mapThe vast majority of job seekers waste too much time trying to fit their backgrounds into the descriptions they see online. In fact, most positions on corporate websites have already been filled by the time you read them, but they need to be uploaded to satisfy federal guidelines and corporate policy. Of course, this means that competition is extraordinarily fierce for the few positions that are actually available to the expanses of the internet.

The fact is, at least 80% of available positions are filled through networking. Rather than wasting your energy trying to look like the ideal candidate for a non-existent job, invest 80%+ of your time developing and maintaining professional contacts that will lead you to the job and company you truly want to be in. You should be the one that gets the offer before the job gets posted to the masses!

Take a proactive, not reactive, approach to your job search!

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